Welcome to Glad Market
  • What is Gladmarket?

    Gladmarket is the sotre online for saler to sale thier products. Gladmarket is not a saler.

  • Why need Gladmarket?

    Gladmarket is the biggest online market in Cambodia. Gladmarket has many visitors to looking for products every day. Gladmerket can spread your products to your customers in a second.

  • How to sale products on Gladmarket?

    To sale your products in Gladmarket for the first saller must be sign-up account in Gladmarket then you can keep your new account for posting your proudcts for saling.

  • How to sign-up new account?

    Click on the word Sign up in the right part on top conner. Fill your information then click on button sign-up. Check your email to click the link in your email for clearify is yours.

  • What is difference from normal login and facebook login?

    Normal login is need to take your account which registered in the pass. For facebook login need to connect with your facebook account to login.

  • How to login to Gladmarket?

    The top at the right side, click on word login after that input user name and password or login with your facebook account.

  • How to post products?

    Post your products, you login after that in the right side near by search you will see post button then click on it. Post has two type "Easy post and advance post". In the post side when you see star "*". It means that you require to put data. The main point of posting is name of products, price if you put zero equal to negotiat price and category of your products. Image size must be less than 3MB.

  • How to edit my products?

    To edit products to go to manage after login success when you take mouse over each products you will see Edit click on it for editing.

  • How to make posted products show as latest one?

    To make poted products or service as the latest like new one, so-called renew. Go to Manage, in product list, click on renew on product or service you want to renew.

  • What difference from free members and gold member

    Free members for user who do not want to spend money to saling in Gladmarket. Other way free member has limit post, renew perday, products posting of free member always show below producs of gold member.

    Gold members needs to spend money for upgrade to gold member. Advantage of it is products posted will above of free member, trust by users.

  • How can be a gold member?

    Be gold members when you ogin as free member you click on button upgrade to gold members then waiting for approval from our custoners services. Our customer service will contact you for payment. After payment success our customers service will approve your account be gold member.